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Monday, February 9, 2015

How to Clean the Inside of Your Tea Kettle...Naturally...

Over time, the regular use of your tea kettle leaves a thick white residue on the inside. I don't know about you but in my home my tea kettle is used on the daily to prepare warm and comforting hot beverages, which is essential to help me get through the frigid New York winters. It is important to not only keep it clean but to use only natural methods to clean it as its contents will be ingested. When we hear 'natural'  method sometimes our brains tend to think that it will be too expensive and turn to more conventional cleaners that you find in big supermarkets. I am glad to inform you that in this case it is MUCH easier (and cheaper) than you think! All you really need is white wine vinegar which most people have lying around there house anyway and......that's it! By using a natural disinfecting and cleaning agent, you will not only avoid harsh chemicals but your tea kettle will be shinier and cleaner than ever before.

You will need:

  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Soft cloths or Scrubbing pads....THAT'S IT!
Steps to clean the Tea Kettle:
  1. Fill the teapot with one part water and one part vinegar.
  2. Place the pot on the stove and bring the liquids to a boil.
  3. Allow them to boil for a few minutes, then turn off the heat.
  4. When the water cools down to a warm temperature, dispose of the water.
  5. Use a soft cloth or scrubbing pad to wipe the stains away from the insides of the teapot.
  6. Wash as normal, and rinse completely with clean water.
  7. Dry with a soft cloth.
  8. Diluted vinegar can also be used on a soft cloth to polish the exterior of the teapot.
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Monday, January 12, 2015

How To Clean Your Toilet....Naturally!

All you need is 3 ingredients that you already have lying around your house and you are on your way to cleaning your toilet naturally and safely. All it takes is: 
  1. vinegar
  2. baking soda 
  3. a toilet brush. 
...That's it!

  • Pour 1/2 - 3/4 of a cup of vinegar into the toilet bowl and allow to sit for 3 minutes
  • Add about 1/2 a cup of baking soda. When you mix these two it will begin to fizz, do not fret this is just the acidic vinegar and the basic baking soda reacting
  • Allow the fizz to go on for 10 minutes
  • Next use the Clean Cat or Dog Duke ceramic toilet brush to clean under the rim and inside the toilet bowl
  • Flush when done

Voila! By using this non-toxic and eco-friendly method, not only have you cleaned your toilet naturally but you have also saved some money not using harsh chemical cleaners that are bad for the environment. 

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Get Ready For Our Cyber Monday Sale!

Cyber Monday is almost upon us and the sale will be plentiful. We are offering 20% off our entire inventory on Tha't right 20% off!!! In the spirit of thanksgiving and truly being grateful for all of customers that have shopped with us or are considering shopping with us, we are starting the sale today!! So from Wednesday, November 26th to Monday, December 1st if you use the Promo Code MEGAMONDAY during checkout you will receive 20% off your order. Considering that we have a vast selection of Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, shower curtain sets, placemats and chef mats I would order everything I need for the holidays now before we are all out of stock. Check out the seasonal and gifts section on the main menu bar to see the full collection. So thank you to all our customers past, present and future for choosing Naturally Home. We are aware that there are so many choices when it comes to online shopping and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for choosing us!!! Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Easy to Assemble 1" Mini Blinds

Having a handful of windows in my new apartment, made it a hard decision on what I should use to cover them all. Naturally, I was trying to find the most cost effective solution. I knew that blinds can be  a easy and simple way to cover my windows. I logged onto my computer in search of a website that I can purchase the blinds at. I discovered, and found their blinds to be impressively well priced! I started out purchasing two of the 23" x 64" Alabaster mini blinds. They went so well with my neutral colored wall tones. It was the PERFECT choice for my  hallway windows! Next I purchased a 6 pack of Sage mini blinds in the 27" x 64" size. These incredibly brightened up my kitchen and bathroom windows. I love the color! It is a beautiful green, that really adds a pop of color to our apartment. I noticed that Naturally Home has many different color blinds, including:


I also purchased the 'Sundown' room darkening shades'. They help block out the sunlight, and they have really helped my sleep improve! The site also carries an array of  Window Panels, Window Scarves and Curtain Rods. I would definitely check out Naturally Home for all of my window furnishing needs.

Written by guest Blogger Marcia Watson, an avid Fan of Naturally Home :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Perfectly Modern 'Pop Up' Christmas Tree.

Being a new wife (of one year), I really wanted to make my first Christmas super festive, and memorable. I told my husband that having a real Christmas tree might be too much for me. I did not want to have sheddings of leaves everywhere, and I was worried about the tree dying too early. We both work pretty late, and have hectic schedules. I thought I would look around to see if I could find something online that could somehow fulfill all my holiday decorating fantasies. 
I searched online for pre-adorned "ready-made" Christmas trees, and I spotted the Naturally Home website. The site  featured a 6' tall pop up tree that looked pretty easy to assemble. Now, normally when I hear the words 'pop up' I think quick, and maybe not the best of quality. I decided to order one anyways, since their return policy is pretty awesome. Boy was I super happy I did. No joke, this tree is beautiful. It comes in a large box, that opened like a pizza. When we opened the box up, it felt like Christmas morning. It took only seconds for my husband to 'pop' it up and assemble the tree in our kitchen.
As you can clearly see from the picture, it was the perfect 'tree' to go with! This tree really adds a beautiful glow to our Brooklyn apartment. We quickly closed off all the lights in our home, and enjoyed the warm, festive lighting that it cast in our kitchen. We started talking about how we wanted our friends and family to see our festive looking apartment as well. We decided that we should throw a party in our new apartment, with our beautiful tree. I looked on Naturally Home's  website to see if there was any other holiday decorations I could use for my party. I found these really pretty hanging icicle lights that I hung up outside of my window. The icicle's have a cascading light effect that really makes for a festive atmosphere. I also ordered the adorable Happy Holiday's Santa Kitchen Mat
 that really adds a cheerful (and comfortable!) touch to our home.
Their site carries an array of seasonal gifts, and lighted decor to really decorate any home this holiday season. I am very pleased that I "stumbled" upon the Naturally Home website, and all the wonderful holiday items that they carry!!

Written by guest Blogger Marcia Watson, an avid Fan of Naturally Home :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our New 'Trucky!' Shower Curtain

  Our New 'Trucky!' Shower Curtain

My 22 Month old son, Benny, is a truck/train/airplane/tractor and anything that moves fanatic as I'm sure most toddlers are. So it was a no brainer that when we received our first shipment of the Bath Time Kids Shower Curtain Collection, I would snag the one with trucks all over it. I could not wait to get home and show my son since I knew he would go bananas over it. Sure enough I was right, as soon as I showed it to him he grabbed the package and screamed 'trucky' 'mine' as he paraded around our small Brooklyn apartment happily. After some convincing, I was finally able to pry it out of his little fingers and hang it up. The pictures above are the only ones I could get with him actually standing still. Needless to say my sun loved the new decor and as if bath time wasn't fun already it definitely got a whole lot funner. Personally, I love the old fashion pick-up truck design, it adds a splash of color, brightness and fun to the only bathroom in my home. Naturally Home also carries 5 other kid friendly designs in the collection: Buildings, Ducky, Froggy, Owlz and Blue Whale. Each one is super cute and sure to please most of our pint-sized customers. So thankfully, my bathroom got a Naturally Home makeover and I couldn't be happier with the results. Keep on checking our new arrivals and featured item slide show on our homepage to discover more products that could add an uplifting touch to your home.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why Getting an Anti-fatigue Chef Mat Changed My Life

 I am sure most people have heard about Anti Fatigue Chef Mats by now if you don't have one already. After years of my friends telling me about  how much they love their chef mats I finally gave in and bought one. Now  you have to understand, I am on my feet all day running around the  warehouse and when I get home I need to cook and clean. I literally don't  sit down until my son goes to bed at around 8 pm, as I'm sure a lot of  working moms out there can relate. I invested in the Anti-fatigue mat, specifically the Funky Frappo Anti-Fatigue Chef Mat and I must say I couldn't be happier (or should I say my feet couldn't be happier!). I love to  cook healthy meals for my family which includes lots of veg prep.  Unfortunately that can take some time, which is why having a soft  cushiony pillow-like mat to stand on makes the process a whole lot more  comfortable. I can honestly say that after a few weeks of using my new  chef mat even my lower back pain went away. Having peaked my  curiosity I did some digging online and found a ton of research that  shows how chef mats help improve blood circulation, pain from arthritis  and helps ease leg, foot, knee and lower back fatigue and pain. The one I  bought is also non-toxic and easy to clean, just wipe. I also tend to drag it  around the house where ever I go including the laundry room and  garage. Naturally home has a vast selection of quality Chef Mats in  various sizes and styles (cheaper than anything i found online) so you can  be sure to find the one that suits you most. As always if you use coupon code shop10off during check out you will also receive an extra 10% off your purchase. So If you have to stand on your feet all day, like I do, than why not make yourself as comfortable as possible? It's a small investment that makes a world of difference and trust me you are worth it :)